Help Cornwall tackle the CLIMATE EMERGENCY

Help Cornwall tackle the CLIMATE EMERGENCY

JBM Solar is a part of RWE, the UK’s leading power generator.

Solar energy is now one of the most cost-effective ways to reach net zero carbon emissions.

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A planning application has been submitted for Fraddon Solar Farm, a 49.9 megawatt (MW) temporary solar installation and battery energy storage system (BESS) on land south of Fraddon substation, south of the A30. Temporary permission is sought for 40 years but we need your help to make it happen.

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Please show your support for solar energy, let the planning committee know your thoughts, and tell them why this is important.

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JBM is proposing a new solar farm battery energy storage system to the south of the A30 at Fraddon to:


Meet the annual energy needs of over 19,000 homes


Displace over 1,400,000 tonnes of CO2 from equivalent fossil fuel energy generation during the solar farm’s lifespan


Enhance the local natural habitat by providing considerable biodiversity and ecological benefits and green infrastructure for the public to use enhancements.


Climate change

According to UK Research and Innovation, higher temperatures and lower rainfall due to climate change have serious consequences for soil fertility, having major implications for British farming. The main contribution to climate change is the burning of fossil fuels for energy.

Climate change is happening, with 13 of the 14 hottest years on record occurring in the 21st century and in the last 30 years, each decade has been hotter on average than the previous one.


Green Infrastructure and Educational Resource

An integral part of the scheme is to open up parts of the Site to the public and increase recreational opportunities locally by:

  • Improving existing public access into the Site by restoring the PRoW.
  • Proposing over 3.6km of new permissive paths.
  • Planting a community orchard and broadleaved woodland.
  • Establishing picnic areas and picnic benches.
  • Adding a visitor car park which includes car spaces (including EV charge points) alongside bus parking, disabled parking and a Sheffield bike stand.


We’ll significantly improve the natural habitat with new hedgerows and wildflwer meadows as well as beehives, bird/bat roost boxes, a community orchard and much more.